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Policies and Guidelines

Usage Policies for E-Library IT Resources

Harvest University’s computing, information, technology, and network resources (herein referred to as “information technology resources”) are provided to faculty, staff and students for the purposes of study, research, service, and other academic and administrative related activities. University’s e-resources are a valuable resource and they must be used in a responsible manner. By properly using these resources, users should be able to minimize any unnecessary impact of their work one others.

No one has a “right” to use University’s e-resources including student access computer labs. Use of University resources is a privilege. All users of Harvest University’s resources must agree to use the facilities legally, ethically, and in keeping with their intended use.

System Integrity

Actions taken by users that interfere with or alter the integrity of Harvest University’s resources are improper. Such actions include unauthorized use of accounts, impersonation of other individuals in communications, unauthorized access to or any attempts to alter, share or distribute restricted data bases and electronic information, attempts to capture or crack passwords, attempts to break encryption protocols, compromising privacy, destruction or alterations of data or programs belonging to other users, experiments to demonstrate computer facility vulnerabilities, and attempts to steal or destroy software resident on campus computing facilities or computer hardware. These type actions are improper and will not be tolerated.

Changing someone else’s password without approval is viewed as a type of provocation and is inappropriate conduct.Users should not browse, access, duplicate, offer, disseminate, change private or authoritative documents without approval, or change public records without approval. Clients should not endeavor to adjust the computer system or programming in any unapproved way.

The utilization of intrusive programming, for example, worms, “crackers”, and infections ruinous to PC system, is untrustworthy, uncalled for and illegal. No computer users ought to utilize his or her insight into a PC system to decimate or modify records, documents, programming or equipment to acquire additional resources, or to deny others of information technology resources.

Users are in charge of harms brought about by infected software they bring into the system. Hardware, software, manuals, supplies, and so on., must not be expelled from processing sites without legitimate approval. Mishandle or abuse of any PC hardware, software or campus related systems administration resources will be viewed as illegal and/or deceptive conduct.

Security Policy

Harvest University attempts to give best quality resources to its scholarly community. With a specific end goal to look after steady, reliable electronic system, Harvest University has illustrated the accompanying rules concerning the utilization of all e-resources.

  1. Users ought not utilize the University’s e-resources in a way subject to criminal or common risk.
  2. All product must be joined by a legitimate software permit.
  3. University e-resources may not be utilized for private addition.
  4. All electronic information are viewed as private and secured. Abuse or control of electronic information is liable to criminal and common activities.
  5. Use of e-resources in an imprudent, ruinous, defamatory, illegal way is entirely restricted.
  6. The University claims all authority to utmost or stop any electronic action not as per University strategy or State and Federal Statutes.

Copyright Observance

All clients of University-claimed PCs are to submit to copyright laws and permitting agreements. No product ought to be stacked on any library PC infringing upon licenses or laws. Copyrighted software must just be utilized as a part of understanding with its permit or purchase agreement. Clients don’t have the privilege to get and/or use unapproved copies of software, or make or endeavor to make unapproved copies of software for themselves or others.

In addition to government and state laws restricting the burglary of programming, Harvest University strongly disallows copyright or permitting infractions from or on any part of the library’s electronic resources. Harvest University won’t be liable for copyright or authorizing violations by any understudy, workforce, or staff part.


Privacy Rights

Harvest University regards each individual’s entitlement to security in the electronic gathering and forbids users of University PCs, including actually possessed PCs connected by means of University information transfers hardware to different systems, from damaging such rights. Endeavors to peruse someone else’s electronic mail, to get to another’s documents, to get to electronic records containing data concerning someone else, or to utilize someone else’s password speak to cases of infringement of protection rights.

There are vital Harvest University worries that place some authentic limitations of the security of projects, information, records, and electronic mail on the University’s electronic assets. Teachers may screen class records of students in their courses, approved specialized personnel may access accounts to maintain PC or system frameworks; records and system action may be observed with the end goal of distinguishing infringement of this policy.



Computer accounts ought to be utilized for their appointed purposes. For instance, an account given to a student for a particular course ought to just be utilized for business related to that course.

All computers and system users occupied with exercises not specifically joined with study, examination or college related service ought to willingly yield their computers or work station to others without holding up to be requested that yield.

Extreme utilization of paper, making electronic mass mailings and utilizing University claimed computers and system resources for individual benefits are different illustrations of misuse of Harvest University e-resources.

Certain sorts of communications are explicitly illegal on Harvest University’s PC network and systems. This incorporates the arbitrary mailing of messages; the sending of profane, pornographic, bothering, disturbance, oppressive or debilitating material; or the utilization of the offices for business or political purposes.

School claimed public computers won’t be utilized for games for other than instructive purposes.



The University may take disciplinary and/or legitimate activity against any person who abuses any data resources use policy. Infringement of Harvest University’s Information Technology Resources Usage Policy are dealt with like whatever other infringement of the Standards of Conduct as laid out in the Harvest University’s Student Handbook and appropriate personnel and staff handbooks. Violators might likewise be charged for unlawful utilization of the PC frameworks and any harms brought on by their abuse, may be briefly or forever suspended from Harvest University e-resources and may be arraigned for statutory infringement.



Harvest University hereby expressly and explicitly disclaims any liability and/or responsibility for violations of the policy here above stated.

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