Living on Campus

Harvest University is located at 300 Deuel Street, Fort Morgan, CO 80701. The 4.5 acre campus consists of multiple buildings totaling 150,000 square feet. The recently renovated athletic center seats nearly 1,700 and the auditorium seats nearly 900.

The Fort Morgan campus is about 80 miles from a ministry-rich area around Denver, Colorado. It is also a short-drive away from the world-renown Rocky Mountains and around five hours away from the Yellowstone National Forest in Wyoming. 


Student Activities


Harvest University features a state-of-the-art gym with newly laid hard-wood floorings, where students can enjoy sports activities and games. 

The gym features six motorized basketball hoops, a motorized center divider, and a motorized bench. The gym sits close to 1,700 people. 

Convocations, Chapel, and Worship

HU’s convocation is the assembling of our student body and staff leadership in order to inform, inspire and sometimes to simply entertain. 

Students are also encouraged to attend chapel services as a time to meditate on God’s Word and His calling. 

Worship services are also held for students to worship the Lord. 

Christian Service

Harvest University requires their students to engage in services for the local communities, international relief and other community service activities, where they can put their faith into action through serving. 

The Christian Service Program connects students with practical ministry work experiences in local church and campus fellowship settings.

Christian Life

The early church gathered together, broke bread, and shared with one another what they have. Harvest University’s students are encouraged to participate in fellowships for developing lifelong friendships and ministry co-workers for God’s Kingdom. 

Harvest University students have prayer meetings where they can come to receive prayers or simply to pray together corporately for the mission and goals of the school or any other topics that concerns the students, the school, the city, the state, and more. 

Harvest University students are encouraged to spend quiet times in the Word of God to cultivate and develop a close relationship with God. Students will also have access to counselors to help provide mentorship and guidance on the questions in life and future mission field. 

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