Be All That God Made You to Be Through Harvest University

We believe that every person is endowed by His creator with talents and abilities to be uncovered and to be used for God’s glory. Harvest University interviews and counsels each prospective students in order to help him undercover their talents, abilities and passions, and the matching course majors and curriculums that would enable them to make the most impact for Christ while enjoying their work.

Through a hybrid of onsite and online trainings, Harvest University will be providing Christian education program for students of undergraduate, graduate, and adult learnings. The school will offer exceptional facility and learning experience to foster an ideal environment for learning, studying, and building communities.

The purpose of the school is to train up believers to be the beacon of hope and role models in this generation, teaching them the way to make the maximum impact for the Lord.

Harvest University offers strong networking and career choice opportunities in Christian ministries and many professions.

Harvest University is where your life will be changed forever.


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