Desire for the Truth Is Where It All Begins

Christianity is continuing to be on a rapidly decline in the western countries. While Christianity in the global south and in countries like China are booming, they lack access to quality resources and training, and face daily persecutions and restrictions that those in the West cannot understand.

Believers must wake up to this reality and address this challenge in global missions strategically and boldly.

With the believers growing rapidly in numbers in the global south and far east, churches, ministries, education institutions must wake up and see the giant needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ, and take actions to provide resources and training.

Do you have the desire for the truth? Will you be the light of the world and salt of the earth to influence those who are asleep and separated from God?

But first, you must be equipped to the knowledge of the truth of God’s Word, so you can defend your faith, but also persuasively argue for the truth.

Read on.


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