The Problem – Eternity at Stake

Christianity in America is seeing a rapid decline according to a Pew Research Center telephone survey conducted in 2018 and 2019, where 65 percent of American adults describe themselves as Christians when asked about their religion, down over 12 percent over the past decade.

Meanwhile, Christianity is booming in the global south and in East Asia, and some are growing rapidly despite the constant persecution from authorities and other religious groups. However, they are lacking the resources and knowledge to live out a Christian life and be an effective witnesses.

How can the believers driven by this faith help with this problem? How can the word of God be preached to the ends of the earth in this 21st century? How can believers be awaken to understand the times and the urgency of the Great Commission?

Many believers today are unaware of the current cultural and religious trends, nor do they take their responsibilities of bearing witness for the Lord seriously. How about you?  Are you aware of the eternity at stake?

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Desire for the Truth Is Where It All Begins

Christianity is continuing to be on a rapidly decline in the western countries. While Christianity in the global south and in countries like China are booming, they lack access to quality resources and training, and face daily persecutions and restrictions that those in the West cannot understand.

Believers must wake up to this reality and address this challenge in global missions strategically and boldly.

With the believers growing rapidly in numbers in the global south and far east, churches, ministries, education institutions must wake up and see the giant needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ, and take actions to provide resources and training.

Do you have the desire for the truth? Will you be the light of the world and salt of the earth to influence those who are asleep and separated from God?

But first, you must be equipped to the knowledge of the truth of God’s Word, so you can defend your faith, but also persuasively argue for the truth.

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Be Equipped, So You Can Carry Out Your Life’s Purpose

Harvest University is established for the purpose of equipping the believers in East Asia and the global south. With the name Harvest, we see the parable that Jesus said on “the Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” We desire to be the training ground, platform and resource for this exact purpose.

By partnering with affiliate ministries, fellowships, churches, and online evangelism, Harvest University seeks to provide prospective students with in-depth knowledge of the Holy Scripture, and equip them with practical trainings and latest research about the mission field.

Harvest University is the platform for believers from abroad and domestically to be transformed through first and foremost the teachings of the Christian orthodox doctrines and then knowledge on the practical applications of their faith in their ministries, careers, and daily lives.

Has God call you to ministry? Are you ready to follow the Lord and be discipled by Him through his Holy Bible?

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Be All That God Made You to Be Through Harvest University

We believe that every person is endowed by His creator with talents and abilities to be uncovered and to be used for God’s glory. Harvest University interviews and counsels each prospective students in order to help him undercover their talents, abilities and passions, and the matching course majors and curriculums that would enable them to make the most impact for Christ while enjoying their work.

Through a hybrid of onsite and online trainings, Harvest University will be providing Christian education program for students of undergraduate, graduate, and adult learnings. The school will offer exceptional facility and learning experience to foster an ideal environment for learning, studying, and building communities.

The purpose of the school is to train up believers to be the beacon of hope and role models in this generation, teaching them the way to make the maximum impact for the Lord.

Harvest University offers strong networking and career choice opportunities in Christian ministries and many professions.

Harvest University is where your life will be changed forever.